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    The Body Solid PSC43X Seated Calf Raise Machine delivers more incredible results in your calves than any other machine in its class. Featuring an awesome 3:1 ratio, specially designed foot brace and smooth, friction-free movement, with this high quality and inexpensive machine you can achieve the toned, attractive, powerful and defined calves you always wanted.

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    Seated Calf Raises are the best exercises for putting width and thickness in your Calves. Awesome 3 to 1 ratio, specifically angled foot brace and smooth friction-free movement make you really scorch those Calves. Everyone Notices Colossal Calves! This machine is for use with standard 1 weight plates. This can be adapted for use with Olympic 2 weight plates via an adaptor, purchased separately. We recommend the Body Solid Olympic Adaptor Sleeve (BSACOA8 or BSACOAS14).

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    £  149.00
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